Bangla Eid SMS 2021 (বাংলা ঈদ এসএমএস ২০২১) Eid Mubarak Bangla sms

Bangla Eid SMS 2021

Bangla Eid SMS 2021 (Messages)

Eid Mubarak Bangla SMS 2021-বাংলা ঈদ এসএমএস (মেসেজ) ২০২১

Bangla Eid SMS 2021.  Apni akhane sob notun notun Bangla sms paben. Here you will find all new sms collection. You can send these sms to your family member, friends, girlfriend and any other relatives. Here is the best wishes sms, greetings and images for for wishing friends. Eid is the largest festival for all Muslims. So celebrate this occasion by sending sms and photos in facebook, whatsapp, messenger, Imo and other social apps. 

Download Mehedi Design and Eid Photos

Bangla Eid SMS 2018

Bangla Eid SMS 2021

Nil akashe eid er chad, eider age chadni rat.
eid holo khusir din, dawat roilo eider din.
valo theko shimahin, eid er dinta tomar hok rongin,
——Eid Mubarak——

Eid SMS Bangla

rongdhonu ase ronger tane,
subash ase fuler tane,
bondhu ase bondhutter tane,
mon chole jay moner tane,
Eid ase khusir tane,

*****Eid Mubarak*****

Bangla Eid SMS

Akashe utheche notun chad,
dilam tomay eid er dawat,
Dawat dilam sbe bole,
Na asle anbo dhore,
Tateo jodi na aste chao,
Sms diye Eid Mubarak Janao.

——-Eid Mubarak——

Bangla Eid SMS for lover

Sonali sokal, rodela dupur, poronto bikel,
godhuli sondha, chadni rat, sob ronge rangiye thak,
apnar sarata bochor, Ei kamonay janai

“”””“Eid Mobarok”””””

Bangla Eid sms for girlfriend

eid elo bristy elo, khusir dar mukto holo,
eider ekhon notun rup, bristy holo oporup.
Tumi amar aponjon, tai tomay janai nimontron,
******Eid Mubarak******

Eid sms Bangla 2021

Shuvo rojoni, shuvo din,
Rat perolei eider din.
Upovog korbe saradin,
Eid pabe na protidin,
Dawat roilo eider din.
^^^^^^^Eid Mubarak^^^^^^

Bangla Eid ul fitr sms

Megjla akash, meghla din,
Eider baki ek din,
Kapor chopor kine nin,
Gorib dukhir khobor nin,
Dawat roilo eider din.

——-Eid Mubarak——

Eid ul fitr sms 2021

Bondhu Eid aste 1 din baki…….
Eto khushi kothay rakhi……
Bolata onek easy……
Eider kaje sobai busy…….
Ekti bochor ghure asbe sei din……
Eider khushi biliye deyar prostuti nin……
Onekei busy eider kaje…..
Anondota sobar maje……

——-Eid Mubarak——

Bangla Eid ul fitr sms

১. Eid Mane Hasi, Eid Mane Asha,
২. Eid mane tomar proti amar valobasha….
৩. Eid mane dur akashe misty chader hasi….
৪. Eid mane sukh sagore sobai mile vashi….
“””“Eid Mubarak””””

One of the two annual festivals of Muslims is Eid-ul-Fitr and the other is Eid-ul-Azha. At this festival we send Eid greetings to each other via SMS. In a few days Eid ul adha will come to us. So here we have collected some beautiful SMS for you.

Eid ul azha sms

Bolchi ami amar kotha,
eide thakbe nako moner betha,
amar jibone onek chawa,
ai eid theke sob pawa,
Eid er proti tai etto valobasha.
“””””EID MUBARAK””””’

Bangla Eid ul azha sms

Nil Akser Tarar Melay, Sonaly Sokaler Roder Belay,
Shobuj Ghaser Shisir Konai, Projapotir Rongin Danay,
Ekta Kotha Tomay Janai


Eid ul azha sms 2021

Ful Subas Dey, Dristy Mon Churi Koray, Khusi Amader Hasay,
Dukkho Amader Kaday, Ar Amar Ei Sms Tomake Eider Suveccha Janay.

Eid ul azha eid mubarak sms

Ai sms, jar kache jabi, jake pabi, takei amar salam dibi,
lal golaper valobasha diye Eider dawat janabi, Ar
Misty Kore bolbi

>>>>>> ****Eid Mubarak*****<<<<<

Bangla new sms 2021

Amar bari ayso sokhi notun saje seje,
Eid er poshak dibo tomay, boiso amar pase,
Polao kormar sathe debo 7up khete,
Sara din onek moja korbo ek sathe,
=======EID MUBARAK==========

Bangla new eid mubarak sms

Koster arale sukher hasi, prot ta jibonkei ami valobashi,
Tai protita jiboner protita somoy suvo hok,
Sobaike janai Eid Mubarak

Eid ul fitr funny sms

Eid ane bosta vorti khushi,
Tai tumi kheo pet vore polao ar khasi,
Tai bole eid kokhono hobe na bashi,
+++++Eid Mubarak++++

Eid ul azha funny sms

anonder ei somoy tuku katuk theme theme,

bochor jure tomar tore eid asuk neme.

——Eid Mubarak——

Bangla eid sms 2021

Allahor doyay tomar jibon sob sapolle R anonde vore uthuk,

——-Eid mubarak.——

Eid Mubarak SMS in Bangla

Ai Eid ase tomar mon khusite vore tulte, tomay mone korate je – Allah opar korunamoy. tar upor biswas rakhle keu tomar kono onistho korte parbe na.

“”””””“EID MUBARAK””””””””

Eid sms in Bangla

Ai sms a jotota suveccha dhorano jay, tototai purno kore dilam, ei pobitro eid darun katuk tmr,

——-Eid Mubarak——

Eid sms Bangla

ful suvash dey, dristy mon churi kore, khusi amader hasay, dukkho amader kaday, R amr ei sms tmk dier suveccha janay.

“”””””“Eid Mubarak””””””””

Bangla Eid Mubarak sms

bondhu eid card dite parlam na dure bole, mukhe bolte parlam na number nai bole, tai sms a bolchi sundor hok tmr eid er din, dawat roilo ogrim.

——-Eid Mubarak——

Eid Mubarak 2021

Eid Mubarak 2021 – Eid is the biggest festivals for Muslims. So Muslims celebrate this feast day with happiness. They celebrate each others with different ways. In this modern age, we Muslims enjoy this eid day by sending photos, messages, quotes and greetings to the relatives and friends.  So in this article, we will try to help you giving some beautiful pictures and SMS to your relatives, boyfriend, girlfriend and others.

Eid Celebration

Eid celebration is not only for muslims but also all the peoples in our country Bangladesh. Bangali Nation celebrate all religion festivals 

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