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class 8 assignment answer 2021 has already published. If you want to download this question, you have entered the correct web page. The Assignment is published on the official website Likewise, we have also published this question on our educational website. We think this is very important for the class 8 students. The 1st week assignments publish on 17-03-2021. As a result, you have to answer this assignment question in time. So follow and this question and solve this.

Class 8 Assignment

What is the assignment? In previous, We think that only honors, masters, and equivalent students make assignments. But Nowadays we see that our school students have to make their assignment too. Because of pandemic coronavirus, Govt has been forced to take this decision. In the Assignment, You have to write certain questions beautifully and submit these in time.

How to Write Assignment? Class 6-9 students have already completed a full course assignment in 2020. Among them, Class 8 is the most important. In order to write a good-looking informative assignment, you have to follow some short steps. So Take a look at our short tricks.

  • Firstly, Collect your assignment question and read it 2-3 times attentively.
  • After that collect and write down all the answers as a draft.
  • Make a good-looking cover page using a4 size white page.
  • Drag all pages margin with a pencil.
  • Then write your answer beautifully.
  • Be Careful about your handwriting.
  • Don’t write unnecessary things. Write whatever they want.
  • Finally, Submit the assignment in time.

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Class 8 Assignment Answer 2021

All the Class eight students are eagerly waiting for the Answers of Class 8. Don’t worry about it. Because the 1st week assignment question has already published. The Authority has published the question on the official website Likewise, we have also published this assignment question and answer in our educational website

The Assignment has started on 20/03/2021 and will last up to 1 or 2 months. So we must provide all the question papers for you. Because we are committed to help the students with our website. The subject-wise all assignments question and answer are here.


Bangla Assignment Answer

Bangla is the main subject in class 8. Therefore this is also the easiest subject in class 8.  because Bangla is our mother tongue. But don’t take it easy. It has the 2nd part which is called Bangla grammar. It is not so easy for the student. You can overcome this Bangla first and second part by practicing again and again. 

As a result, write down the question with a proper answer. You must complete your assignment in time. Here we have uploaded the Class 8 Bangla assignment question for you. 

কেস স্টাডি এর ধাপ সমূহের বর্ণনা – অষ্টম শ্রেণি বাংলা

Class 8 English Assignment Answer 2021

Do you think English is a difficult subject? Yes, this subject is a little bit difficult but not so difficult. English is an international language. so it is also the main subject for class 8. Most of the students in class 8 do badly in English. Many can’t do well in English in the JSC exam.

To make a good assignment you have to learn English. but here we also provide the English assignment answer. so just copy our solution and make English assignment. Class 8 English assignment question is now available here.

Class 8 Math Assignment Answer 2021

Math is a very tricky subject in class 8. You can’t memorize it even if you want to. You have to understand math attentively. do the following math by yourself and make class 8 math assignments. 

In this paragraph, we uploaded class math assignment questions. A single mistake can ruin huge marks. Because a single math question bears 5 or 10 marks. So do all the math carefully in your assignment paper. 

Class 8 Home Science Assignment 2021 Answer

Home science is a basic subject for the science department. In the following images we have provided the find assignment question for class 8.  Not only the question there has been an answer link below. So study the question first and right the answer correctly in your assignment paper.

Class 8 Bangladesh And Global Studies Assignment

This is one of the easiest subject in class 8. students don’t give importance to the subject. But it can be the better choice for doing well in exam. so take the subject seriously and answer all the assignment question of the subject. 

Class 8 islam assignment answer

The subject of islam shikkha and Moral Education assignment question is out for 1st week. So click on the question to get the answer from us.

Class 7 Agriculture Assignment Solution 2021

The subject is the most common and easiest.  class 8 students enjoy the subject very much. India below images the assignment question are mentioned. As a result, just click on the assignment answer link and complete your assignment easily. 

Class 8 ICT Assignment Answer

ICT means Information and Communications Technology. It is a newly arrived subject. The government gives much importance to the subject. because we should improve our Technology and related knowledge. By solving this ICT assignment question, Students will be introduced to technology.

Class 8 islam

Final Words

In conclusion, Students are required to prepare these assignments in time. So don’t be late, start writing assignment answer as soon as possible. We have tried our best to give you all the questions and its answer too. So that you will be benefited. Please share this article with your friend for the sake of humanity. 

পরবর্তীতে দেখতে পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন।

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