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CoronaVirus Bd

Today i will discuss about one of the most terrifying things of the recent time. Yes, i know what are you thinking now ? Today i will talk about the CoronaVirus which is pestilence all over the world. So, lets Talk about CoronaVirus Bd Update.

Today Corona Virus Update here


What Is CoronaVirus ?

At first i want to tell you about this virus. Corona virus is a one kind of virus which is found in Animals and it is quickly spreads animals to Human. The virus is also called as COVID-19.

Where Corona Virus First Found ?

Corona Virus was first found in Southern China in December 2019. The people of Wuhan firstly affected by this virus. But nowadays 70 Locations of China. At present the virus has found more than … countries. So, you have a fresh idea about the power of virus.

How does CoronaVirus Spread ?

I have already declared that The virus firstly spreads from Animals Like Bats. You know that The Chinese people like to eat Bat and they are eaten food without cooking. So ,in this way the virus is transmitted animals to Human. When the virus transmitted in human body , it spears person to person. So, now i will tell you how does the virus spreads person to person.


  • Specially CoronaVirus is spears through Air Droplet.
  • When a person Cough and Sneezes , Corona Virus will spreads.
  • If anyone will touch an affected person, the person can be affected by the virus.
  • It can be spread from your mouth and nose. When you touch you Mouth and Nose without washing your hands.
  • The virus can be spread through Sewage.

Symptoms Of CoronaVirus

A symptoms is very needy for us. With that we can detect an affected person. So, it is very important to know about Symptoms of the virus. Lets Talk about it.

Day 1 to 3The affected person will have fever, Mild Throat pain. It is the first stage of affection. So, dont panic.
Day 4In the Forth day the Throat will increased , break the tone of your Throat, Increase you body temperature, Highly Headache and Diarrhea.
Day 5You will feeling tired, Dry Cough and Muscle Pain.
Day 6In the sixth day the person will fell Fever, Dry Coughing and feel shortness of Breath.
Day 7On this day the person will fell high Fever, All Body Pain, Diarrhea and Vomiting.
Days 8 and 9It is the last stage the person will fell high fever and the person feel shortness of breathing.



What Should you do when you have been affected by the Virus ?

The CoronaVirus is very dangerous for our health. The Virus is stay 4 days in your Throat before reaching the lungs and you have cough at this moment. So, you have to drink water more and more. On the other hand you can drink hot water. Before drinking the water you should mixed Salt and VINEGAR. It is the basic treatment for Corona Virus.

How To Resist CoronaVirus Bd ?

The virus is sperads all over the world . According to the BBC official we have got an information that the virus has found more than .. countries . All the countries are very furious about this virus. The governments are trying to control the virus. But there is no antidote discover. The Government have taken some necessary steps to control the virus. Though there are no medicine for this virus ,But we can follow some rules. By following this rules we can control the virus. Lets see what should we do.

  • You should wash your hands when you take your meal.
  • You can not touch your Face, Eyes and Nose without washing your hands.
  • A person should use handkerchief when you have cough and sneezes .
  • You can not meet  with a cold and Flu  infected person. Take distance.
  • You should not touch any wild animals.
  • We should cook Egg and Meats rightly.
  • You can use a mask when you go out.
  • You should take fruit juice and water more and more.
  • We have to neat and clean.

Public Awareness

It is the first and most important part to control coronaVirus. All of us are lead a dangerous life recent days. The government has announced a red alert everywhere. But our common people are very panic at this moment. Only a government can not control this problem. Moreover, we can help our government. So we should be careful and we should share the basic rules how to control the virus among the people.

Sharing On Media

Media is called the mirror of outside knowledge. So, we can use our media to control CoronaVirus. Media plays a vital role in this sector. Our TV channels are publishing different types of notice on their channels. And they also create new advertisement to make aware from CoronaVirus. The TV Channels are arranged different types of programmes. In this way they are sharing CoronaVirus related all news among us.

Sharing on Social Media

It is another important way to control corona Virus. We can make public awareness by sharing consciousness of this Virus. But there is a problem some vicious people share some harassment topics on their timeline.

CoronaVirus Bd Treatment

As the virus is new, there is no vaccine in the world. But our scientist are trying to discover a vaccine for this Virus. We expect that they will success very quickly and we will free from the curse of this virus.

Then how we protect us from the Virus?

As there is no antidote for this virus, you have to follow some instructions

You must make distance from affected person.

Some Wrong Information About CoronaVirus

Though it is a contagious virus, it is very dangerous for our health. There are some wrong information about this virus.

If you are not an affected person, you should not use the Mask.

CoronaVirus Bd Update

More than 86 countries have affected by this virus. Few days ago our health department has found the virus in a person. Then our government and the people of our country became furious. Our government has declared a red alert. So, all institute of our country  has closed.

According to the media and newspaper the virus was found on 12 March, 2020.


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