Exam Notice Bd 2020 – New Exam System Primary, High School

Exam Notice Bd 2020

Our all educational institutions  has been closed due to Corona Virus. It falls a big impact on our education. So, the authority has decided to change the exam pattern of all exam. As a result, they have taken a decision that All school exam will be taken in 2 steps. Today i will discuss about the exam pattern of all School. Lets start talking about this.

As usual Exams has been taken in 3 steps in Bangladesh. For Primary Level  1st Terminal, 2nd Terminal and Final. Then High school level Half Terminal and Annual exam. But it is matter of sorrow that this year the exam will be taken in steps.

Why the government will take this step ?

Our government has faced a new problem. The problem is Corona Virus. Due to the virus, all institutes have been declared closed, which has been continuing for a long time and we expected to last for a long time. If you look a little bit, you can see that all the previous exam were taken in three or two . Moreover the exam will take on the April- May month. But this year we passed the months. All the students are worried about their exams. They are confused and they want to know their exam date. That is why our Ministry of Education has made a decision that this year it would be better to take the test in two or one steps.

Exam Notice BD 2020 For Primary Level

Normally, primary school exams were taken in three stages . But this year our Ministry of Education is trying to change the system. So, primary Exam test will take in 2 steps. The first one is Half Terminal and the second one is Final exam. So, dear students you do not have much time in your hand. So, you should not waste your time. Please be attentive to your study.

Exam Notice BD 2020 For High School Level

As the primary school examination system will change but there is nothing new. Because as usual high school exam has taken the exams in 2 steps. But due to Covid – 19 there is something change. If you look last years exam procedures , you will find that half yearly exams are usually taken on May month. But this year it is not possible to take the exam in right time. Therefore the authority has decided that this years exam will conduct in one stage. So, we expect that high school exams will take only Final exam.  The students be upgraded to next class only through the Annual Exam result.

HSC Exam Notice BD 2020

HSC Exam was supposed  to be held on April 1, 2020. But suddenly our country encountered a new problem. The Corona Virus stopped all educational activities. So, our education Ministry made a decition. As a result the authority postponed the HSC Exam 2020. They have not been able to make any decisions. So, we are still uncertain about HSC Exam 2020. However, if the situation in the country is normal then the new HSC Routine will be given in the next month. So, the exam will conduct according to that routine.

SSC Result 2020 Special Notice

Few days ago the SSC Exam have completed. So, all the students are waiting for their results. But it is almost uncertain as when the results will publish. Due to Covid – 19 all educational activities has currently stopped. In this critical situation it is no possible to publish the SSC Result 2020. So, our Ministry Of Education has decided that this time SSC Result will publish by Mobile SMS. If you have no idea about this, i will help you.


The authority has published a notice . On the notice we see the authority clearly announced among the students that they should give their mobile number on their Institute. As usual it will easy to get your result.


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