Draw a Map of the Way to Your School from Home and Make a Dialogue

পরবর্তীতে দেখতে পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন।


Class 7 English assignment answer 2021 2nd week question solution. We have solved the answers to all the questions considering the requirements of Class seven students. 

unit 1: attention, please

  • lesson 1: in the classroom
  • lesson 2:Outside school
  • lesson 3: in the house
  • lesson 4: in the street
  • lesson 5: Atta bookshop
  • lesson 6: in a restaurant
  • lesson 7: at a railway station

Question : Assignment: suppose a stranger talks with you he does not know where your school is. the person asks you to give direction. you both are standing in front of your home. now draw a map of the way to your school from home and make a dialogue with directions to your school.

Answer :

how to write this assignment

the teacher will check students answer script following the assessment rubrics 

How to get full marks

  • drawing a map the way from home to school
  • describing the directions following the map by using the world words: Cross Road, left turn, right turn, U-turn, go straight
  • sentences are grammatical a correct
  • correct spelling

পরবর্তীতে দেখতে পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন।

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