Your First Day at School (What Experience did you have then)

পরবর্তীতে দেখতে পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন।


Class 6 English assignment answer 2021 for the students who are searching in google for Class 6 assignment answer English. English is very important for the students. As a result, this subject is included in the second week assignment. We have tried to solve this question with 100% correct answser.

lesson 1: going to a new school

Assignment: think of your first day at school. what experience did you have then? how did you feel- happy, frightened, thrilled are Shy? what did you feel so? in your writing use the following clues-

  1. When did you go there?
  2. Who did you go with?
  3.  how did you go there?
  4.  who did you meet there?
  5.  what did you see there?
  6.  what was interesting/ boring to you? Why?
  7.  how did you feel after returning home?

how to write your assignment

when teaching and learning of the lesson is done, give this assignment to your students. instruct your students to reflect on their own life and experience rather than copying from any source. if two or more assignments are similar, ask your student to resubmit it. 

how to get full marks

  • Student answers all 7 questions
  • student rights grammatical a correct sentences
  • students are free from spelling mistakes
  • student uses appropriate and varied vocabulary

In conclusion, We need to say that our website is an educational website. All class assignment answer is here. If you need any solution then comment us below.

পরবর্তীতে দেখতে পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন।

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