Bangladesh vs Brazil Match Result 1990 (Gothia Cup/Dana Cup U13)

Brazil is a top-level football team in the world. On the other hand, Bangladesh is a developing football team. But a piece of news is going viral in recent times. The viral news is Bangladesh defeated brazil 7-0. Is it true or fake news? Brazil and Argentina fans are searching on google for this 1990 under-13 match result.

Many of us were not born at that time. But Fans underestimate each other in this result. We are going to discuss this match. When the match was held and in which tournament was both participate? A lot of questions come to the Brazil and Argentina football fan’s mind. All your misconceptions will be solved by this article. So let’s go for details.

Bangladesh vs Brazil Match 1990

This is true news. But lots of details you may know. This football match between Brazil vs Bangladesh was held in 1990 in Gofiya Cup Tournament. Under fifteen boys were supposed to play in that tournament But 18 years and above went to play from Bangladesh. They were able to play in that tournament because their certificate age was low. As a result, Bangladesh won the game by 7-0 against Brazil under 13.

Bangladesh vs Brazil Match Result 1990

Bangladesh under 13 or under 15 played against Brazil in 1990 in the Gothia Cup. This was not an official match. This was a popular tournament. That time Bangladesh played well and became the Gothia cup winner. The story tells us football is still popular in our country since 1971. Football is one of the most popular games in Bangladesh. There are lots of die heart fans of football in Bangladesh.

Half of Bangladesh’s football fans are Brazilian and half are Argentine. In this situation, both teams try to find each other’s weak points. As a result, Argentina fans found this brazil match result against Bangladesh. This result is totally true but this game was among under 13 teams. This match was simply from a local tournament. Bangladesh vs Brazil u 13 Match Result 19990 is Bangladesh 7 – Brazil 0.

Dana Cup 1990 Bangladesh vs Brazil

Gothia cup tournament was also known as Dana Cup. This tournament is also running at the present time. Bangladesh under-13 was the dana cup 1990 winner. They win the match against brazil by 7-0.

Last Word

In conclusion, don’t find others’ weak points. Every football team has its own weak points. Thanks for reading our football related article.