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If you have been working in Bangladesh Police, then you can check yourself sitting at home that the money received from you as deposit has been collected and deposited in the specified fund. For general information we are informing that a specific fund has been collected through Police Welfare Trust Bank depending on various issues starting from the future security of those who are serving in Bangladesh Police or have engaged themselves in great work like national service.

So if you want to check this particular fund or if you want to see it yourself then you must follow the correct rules and in this case you have to login to Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust Bank. For those who don’t know this login process, I will explain it properly through today’s post so that you can understand it properly and perform the necessary tasks accordingly.

BPKT Bank Login

Apart from providing security within our country, Bangladesh Police is doing various important welfare work so that we can live in this society very properly and peacefully. A Welfare Trust Fund has been formed for the security of Bangladesh Police and here a certain amount of money has been received from each Police and deposited in that Welfare Fund. Now if you want to see your welfare fund then say that this money is not wasted and fully deposited as it remains in your account and in future you can avail various benefits from here.

So you can check your balance by logging into Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust Bank and in this case you have to search by writing Police Gov BD and as a result of your search an official website will be displayed in front of you by writing BPKT in short. You have to go to this official website and follow the next steps. When you visit the official website of Bangladesh Police then you have to go through all the options available there to find the BPKT option through your mobile phone or device. In this case, you will directly scroll down without waiting anywhere.

Then according to the instructions of the website, I will tell you to click on the option called BPKT. Since you want to know details from here by login, you need to provide user id or user name and provide password. You must write bp in English and the police ID you have next to it in English. In this case you are wondering what to do in providing the password and if you type numbers from one to five in English and you have to type the same password for each policeman.

When you click on the login option it will be seen that the amount of 27 thousand that you have deposited will be displayed there and you can check your balance from there as this amount will be displayed against your Bangladesh Police ID. As a member, you can easily check them from the Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust Capital Raising System and if this money in your account is spent anywhere or if your account money is increased, you will be updated there and you can check it. .

Many police and non-police members who are members of Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust Bank have had some money deducted from their accounts this month. Many do not understand why the money cut? The remaining amount has been deducted from the account of those who had 32 thousand rupees to be deducted from the bank. And those who had full payment of Rs 32 thousand did not get any deduction. [adhere2]

Bangladesh Police Kallyan Trust Capital Raising System

The remaining amount has been deducted from the account of those who have not changed the amount of 32,000 rupees previously. You can find out how much your bank deduction was done below. You will also know how much money has been deducted. Follow the rules shown below and hope you get complete information.

1. Turn on internet connection from any device like Mobile/Tab/Computer/Laptop.

2. Open a browser for internet browsing.

3. Enter the Bangladesh Police link www.police.gov.bd in the browser.

4. On the Bangladesh Police website, click on the BPKT Bank button below.

5. Then you will see Bangladesh Police Kallyan Trust Capital Raising System on the page and click on Dashboard option written above.

6. Enter your ID and password in the box and login.


(Note: First, take your BP/CIV number in the Username option like-BP8212141111 and CIV6122222222 and enter 12345 as the password.)

If you still have problem to login and view your account then comment by writing your BP/CID number in the comment box below. We will try to provide your information in reply to comments. Good luck to all policemen and non-policemen.