Write a Dialogue Between Two Friends Importance of Learning English

Naturally learning English is very important for every student. But this topic is converted to dialogue and comes as a question in the ssc hsc and other educational examinations.

In this article, we will discuss about how to write a dialogue and the answer of write a dialogue between you and your friend about importance of learning English. This dialogue is for the SSC & HSC students.

Dialogue is a conversation between two people about any topic. Before writing this dialogue one should know some information about the topic. So you must know the info of importance of learning English.

Importance Of Learning English Dialogue

All types of dialogue start with the same conversation. So start with as usual words. then start discussing the topic of importance or benefits of learning English. Finally, finish the dialogue with as usual words (talk to you late, goodbye, etc)

Here we have provided a dialogue conversation between Rahim and Malek. They have discussed the importance of learning English and made a dialogue.

Rahim : Hi! my Friend.

Malek : Hello Rahim! How are you?

Rahim : Fine. And you?

Malek : I am also fine. thank you too.

Rahim : I’m looking for you?

Malek : Oh! Sure. But Why?

Rahim : Recently, I’m started an English learning course. If you want to learn English then start with me.

Malek : Yes, Sure. But How?

Rahim : I am join a English learning course on a Youtube channel that is controlled by Md. Faruk sir.

Malek : Oh! I know this sir too. He teaches very good English. I’m interested.

Rahim : English is an international language. So we all should learn this language. If we don’t learn it, we can’t express our position anywhere in the world.

Malek : Also, if you know the English language, you can get jobs in various big companies. Moreover, if you know English, it is possible to join all kinds of international jobs very easily.

Rahim : Hmmm! You get the point.

Malek : Tell me now. How can I join this course?

Rahim : If you are interested in joining, I will do everything for your to join. You just give me your national identity card.

Malek : Thanks my Friend.

Rahim : You are most welcome.

Malek : Take care. Goodbye.

Rahim : You also take care. Goodbye.


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