Ekushey Book Fair 2021 – Date, Place,Stalls

Ekushey Book Fair

Ekushey Book Fair

Every year Bangla Academy observed Ekushey Book Fair 2021. It is observed annually in Bangladesh. It is one of the biggest fair in Bangladesh. Ekushey Book Fair is very helpful for Book lovers. So this year it will observed. Now I am going to discuss about Ekushey Book Fair.

When The Book Fair Begins ?

Bangla Academy plays a vital role  in our Bengali Literature. Therefore it want to spread our knowledge. So it arranged Ekushey Book Fair every year. Every year Ekushey Book Fair will begin on 1st February. It will continue full February Month. But It is a matter of sorrow that this year it will not held on February 1. Because of Dhaka City Corparation Election Poll. As a result it will begin on February 3. That is to say our honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurates the fair.

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Ekushey Boi Mela

Though it is known as Ekushey Book Fair , It is also known as Ekushey Boi Mela. So Ekushey Boimela is important for our Bengali Literature.

Amar Ekushey Boi Mela

Most importantly it is famous for Ekushey Boi mela. There is a history behind this name. More ever it is dedicated for the Martyrs of 1952 Language Movement. It is called International Mother Language day. With due respect it is famous as Omor Ekushey Boi Mela.

Location Of Book Fair

Ekushey Book Fair is our National Book Fair. So it is observed full February Month. Specially the fair will held in Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital of our country. So it will take place Bangla Academy premises and Suhrawardi Udyan.

Publishers list of Fair

In addition I want to inform you that Amar Ekushey Book Fair is our National Fair. So all publishers are waiting to publish their books. There are different types of Publishers comes from different area. So they want to sell their books among book lovers. Now I am going to tell you some publishers list. As many AS 288 Publishers will participate this book fair. They are PANJERE, Jupitar,Nobo putighor ETC. They take a stall . Then they decorate it brightly. Mostly they want to attract their stalls.

Book Fair Book List

Books are our best friend.Though it is very important for our life, we do not read books. So Bangla Academy tries to make interest for reading books. In the book fair different types of books will publish under different publication. At first a writer wrote a books. Then he hand over the books with publications.

Poems, Novels, Drama series, Comedy, Tragedy different types of books will publish.

Writer List of Ekushey Book Fair

Bengali Literature is thousand years old. But it is a matter of sorrow that we can not spread our Literature wide. So Bangla Academy Observed Book Fair to spread our heritage.

There are many famous writer in Bangladesh. As a result every year we will get new books from them. Therefore they want to share their books among their fans. Now I am going to tell you some famous writer list.

New writer in Bangladesh. They want to famous. So they try come to light with their fans. Now I am going to share you some new writer list.

Why You need to go in Book Fair ?

Ekushey Book fair is not only observed for books sells but also it reflect our heritage. It also give a huge impact in our Literature. As a book lover you must go to the fair. Because it will give you many knowledge. Here I want to give you some information. With that information you will know how it is needy.

  • There you will find Nazrul Moncho in a corner. It is dedicated to poet  our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.
  • Then you will found a Lekhok Kunjo, a dedicated place for writers .
  • Most importantly you will notice a media center for the journalists.
  • At last a good news for you. There will be Free WiFi service has been enabled since 2019.

Dhaka Book Fair 2021

In our Bangladesh the Dhaka book fair always hold on the month of February. Ekushey book fair is also known as Dhaka book fair. Beside the Dhaka University the book fair is sit on. This is the great opportunity for the book lover to buy their loved books. So You can visit this book important book fair.

In conclusion  A Book Fair is very important for us. If you are book lovers , you must go to the book fair. Enjoy your time by reading books. At last I want to say you as a citizen of Bangladesh. It is our responsibility to participate this fair. Please come to book fair.

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