Ramadan SMS 2021 – Ramjan New SMS Collection Bangla

Ramadan Sms 2021

At the beginning of my article i want to wish you Happy Ramadan. Ramadan is the most holy month for the Muslim nation country. Since we are Bangladeshi citizen this Ramadan month is very important for us. The Holy Month Ramadan will be beginning from 24 April, 2021. So, we use various methods to greet this holy month. Therefore, we share our greetings via SMS. Facebook Status and Sending holy images among our friends and family. For this purpose, i have index some beautiful SMS , Facebook Status and Images. I can undoubtedly ensure you that it will help you to wish your friends and family for Holy Month Ramadan.

Ramadan Bangla SMS 2021

Usually, we use SMS as the source  to sending greeting. This SMS Method is the easiest and cheapest. so most of the people send greeting through their friends and family via SMS. Therefore, we have come to you with a huge collections of SMS to make it easier to exchange greetings among your friends and family. And i will ensure you that by sending this Ramadan SMS, you can easily win their hearts.


Since we are Bangladeshi, our mother tongue is Bangla. As a result we want to share our greetings with our partners in Bangla. In this situation you must searching Ramadan Bangla SMS. So, i have added some lovely Ramadan SMS For you. Therefore, copy those SMS and share them with your partners.


Ramadan English SMS 2021

On the other hand we want to share our greeting and wishes via SMS but this time we use English Language. There are many foreign friends. So, you must want to share the greetings with them. In this situation you can not use Bangla SMS. Because they have no basic about this language. In addition you are searching Ramadan English SMS. It is a good news for you that we have index not only Bangla SMS but also added English SMS. So, i expect that this SMS Collection will not disappoint you. Therefore , you should collect them from here and send them those lovely SMS.

I was so far from you
Yet to me you were always so close
I wandered lost in the dark
I closed my eyes toward the signs
You put in my way
I walked everyday
Further and further away from you

Ooooo Allah, you brought me home
I thank you with every breath I take


All praise’s to Allah
All praise’s to Allah

I never thought about
All the things you have given to me
I never thanked you once
I was too proud
To see the truth
And prostrate to you
Until I took the first step
And that’s when you opened the doors for me
Now Allah, I realized what I was missing
By being far from you.

3. Allah, I wanna thank you
I wanna thank you for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
And did you give me hope

4.In my dreams I make my way to Medina
The home and chosen place
Of our beloved Prophet
Where all I feel is peace
And so much joy around
No better place for me, yeah!

5.Khuda haazir hai
[God is present]
Khoda maujood hai
[God is existent]
Khuda maliki yawmid-din hai
[God is the master of the Day of Judgement]
Khuda raheem hai
[God is merciful]
Bas tu hi kareem hai
[You are generous]
Ek tu hi haq hai
[You’re the only truth]
Malik-ul-mulk, haq-ul-yaqeen hai
[You’re the owner of all sovereignty, the Certain Truth]

Ramjan SMS 2021

We called the holly month Ramadan as Ramjan. So, sometime we search on internet with this keyword. In addition i am here for you. So, i have a gift for you. I have collected some Ramjan SMS For you. I think you can satisfy your partners heart by sending those SMS. So, see the SMS Collection and copy them.

Final Words : As a Muslim you must share Ramadan Sms 2021 the greetings among your friends. So, i think this SMS, Facebook Status collection will help you. As a result, if you like this post, you must share it.

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