Ramadan Time Table 2023 Bd – Sehri & Iftar Time পবিত্র রমজানের সময় সূচি

Ramadan Time Table 2023 Bd

Islamic Calendar Is known as The Hijri, The Lunar Hijri , Muslim or Arabian Calendar. According to Islamic calendar we see that there are 12 Lunar Months. Beside there are 354 or 355 days in a Islamic year. Islamic Calendar is very important for Muslims. Specially for the Holy month Ramadan. Now I am going to share Ramadan Time Table. Before Publish Time table I want to introduce Islamic Lunar Months.

Introduction Of Lunar Month

I already said that there are 12 lunar monthes in a Islamic Calendar. They are Al Maharram, Safar, Rabi Al Awal, Rabi Ath Tani, Jumada Al Awal, Jumda Ath Tahniya, Rajab, Saban , Ramadan, Shawwal, Zul Al Qua Dah, Zu Al Hijjah. So I am discuss about the Holy Month Ramadan.

The Holy Month Ramadan

According to Islamic calendar when the Islamic Lunar Month Saban passed away , the Holy Month come. The month is very important for Muslims. We are Muslim. Ramadan comes to us with many gifts. The Almighty Allah Gives many reward in this month. Allah says that “ If anyone take prayer in this month properly , I ( Allah) will give you double rewards.” Other hand Ramadan is also important. There is a reason. Our Prophet Hajrat Mohammad (SM) Was got Prophecy in this month at the age of 40. With due respect Allah Says “ If anyone reads The Holy Quran in this month, I will give him double rewards.” The month consist in 29 or 30 days.

Ramadan Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim Country. Most of the people of Bangladesh are Muslim. So as a Bangladeshi Citizen The Holy Month Ramadan is very Special. When the holy month Ramadan comes to our country, people hearts fill with joy. Therefore they take it as a Festival. According to previous year survey you know that Ramadan comes to our country on May. So we guess that the holy Month will start on May.

Start Date April 14, 2023
End DateMay 13, 2023
Eid-Ul-FitrMay 14, 2023

Ramadan 2023 Time Table BD

Finally we guess a date for Ramadan. But we are not sure. Our government will call a press conference for fix the exact date. At first they make a LUNAR Committee. In this sector The Islamic Foundation Of Bangladesh plays a Big role. They try to see the Lunar. When the Lunar see in the sky , they published it on Media. Then we will start our Ramadan.



Ramadan Time Table 2023 USA

Though USA Is a Christian Country , many people are Muslims. So they want to the time table. Finally I want to share Ramadan Time Table 2023 USA. See the picture .

When Ramadan will start ?

Sometime we have no idea about Ramadan Month. We can not say the exact date but we can guess. So the Holy Ramadan Month will start from 24 April. Beside it will finish 23 May. So, keep patient for the upcoming holy Month.

Bounty Of The Holy Month Ramadan

In The Holy Month there are lots of Bounty. As a result , we can not describe in words how much the Holy Month is important .So people try to reduce their sins by calling Almighty Allah. They know that Allah will not depressed them in this Holy Month. As a result, they goes to Mosque and pray to Allah. Other hand they take part Saom/Roja.

It is called Ramjan in Bangla. So we also give you the exact Ramajan Time table for you. So see the picture which I given above. I think you will get the right date about the holy month Ramjan.

Li-La-Tul-Quadar in Bangladesh

I have already said that the Ramdan Month is very important. There is another reason for impotency. In this Month The Holy Quaran decended on our Prophet Hajrat Mohammad (SM). It is decended on the last week of this month. Ramadan 21- Ramadan 29 can be held LI-LA-TUL-QUADAR. We are Bangladeshi. So we must need the date of LI LA TUL QUADAR. Finally we guess the day …

Eid UL FITAR Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim country. As a Muslim our major festival is EID. We get two Eids In a year. They Are EID UL FITAR and EID UL ADHA. Eid UL FITR is one of the biggest festival in Bangladesh. After completing 30 days Roja. Eid is come to us. People of our country celebrated the Eid with different ways.

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