Valentine Week ‍Day List 2024 (February ki ki day)

We know loves come from divine. Love has no exact date. Nevertheless we celebrate a valentine’s day which is the most awaited day for all the lovers of the world. All the lovers are eagerly waiting for this day to propose their women. This day gives them an official opportunity to express their love to their crush. Valentine’s day date is on 14th of February every year. But it’s celebration starts from 7th February and end with the valentine’s day 14th February. So these 08 day 7th to 14th February is called love week. Here we discuss the valentine day schedule and day list.

This Love week or valentine week starts with 7th February Rose Day and it has a sequence. Here we discuss about Valentine day list, Valentine week schedule, what is today, today is what day, which day today, valentine’s day images and etc. I think this article helps the lovers to celebrate their valentine week easily. Here is the most common questions February ki ki day, ajke ki day, agamikal ki day valentine day kobe and etc.

Valentine Week Day List  February

Valentines week means that 08 different days like the rose day, propose day, teddy day, hug day, promise day, chocolate day, kiss day and the last one is valentines day. This valentine week start on 7th February and end with the valentines day every year. We have discussed the full valentine week list schedule and February ki ki day. So let’s know about valentine week day list in this February 2023.

February ki ki Day

7th February Rose day– The reason of called rose day is lovers give different types of roses to their crush and make him/her happy. Because all the people loves roses and its the symbol of love. Love week starts by this Rose day. They day means every love begins with Red, yellow, pink roses. This day is not only for the lovers but also for the Husband and Wife and families. Now you have already known that 7th February ki day.


8th February Propose day–  Express yourself to your crush on this day directly. Tell your words clearly what do you think of her/him. Specialy propose your beloved person without any hesitation. Don’t be afraid because it is propose day and  You propose to your loved one. This is a very special day for you. Propose day is the second day of the valentine week.

9th February Chocolate day– This is the day to make your lover happy by giving chocolates. Because we all loves chocolates. You can give many types of chocolate on this day. For example husband give chocolate to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend and family members each others. You can also give heard shaped chocolate to your lover on this chocolate day.

10th February Teddy day– teddies are so cute and every people loves them. So you can give teddy to you person for a love sign. Basically women loves teddy so much. They will be very happy to receive such a beautiful gift. He/She can fell your love through it. You can gift small, medium and big teddy by your choice.

11th February Promise day– On this day lovers promises each others for staying such a long time. But you know promises are easy to make but hard to keep. So be careful in making promises. This day make a relation so strong and healthy. This is one of the most important day of this valentine week. So keep your promises and carry your relation. Remember that 11 February is Promise day.

12th February Hug day– Hug is one of the most awaiting day for the lovers. Person share their love by hugging on this day with their beloved one. Hug with the dearest person is one the happiest thing in all over the world. It can increase your love and make your relation very strong. So celebrate this day with hapiness.

13th February Kiss day– This is the last before stage of valentine week. Kissing someone is one of the happiest moment for people. kissing someone means expressing your love of him/her. Moreover, Kiss day is for kissing. So Kiss your beloved one on this day. Kiss can be different types like 1. Peck Kiss · 2. American Kiss · 3. French Kiss · 4. Cheek Kiss · 5. Forehead Kiss · 6. Eskimo Kiss · 7. Neck Kiss · 8. Butterfly Kiss 9. Lip Kiss

13 February ki Day – কিস ডে কবে ২০২৩?

14th February Valentines day– The valentine week end with the valentine day. But love has no end. It is the begging of a relation and the most special day for the lovers. They share their love with each other. After passing all the day valentines day will come. So wish your valentine and spend whole the day with her. Lead a happy life with your valentine.

You can prepare in advance for this valentine day. So make valentine day 2023 memorable with your lovers. Celebrate the full valentine week with your friends, family, boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife and special one. Visit our website for more info, ideas, images and any kinds of help. Thanks for being with us.