Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2023

degree 3rd year suggestion 2023

Dear Students ,Today we Will give you 100% common degree 3rd year all subject suggestions for the degree 3rd year students. We will provide you Bangla, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Political science, History and all subjects suggestions. So friends let’s start for your desire degree third year exam suggestion. We provide all the suggestions with answer sheet. so you can get your degree 3rd year exam preparation with our website. This sort suggestion help you to do the best in your examination.

NU Degree 3rd Year Suggestion

Degree is a 3 years course (first year, Second Year, Third Year). This Degree course is controlled by NU (National University). Third Year is the final year of this course. There are total 4 subjects in a year (one is compulsory and 3 are in your choice). Each subjects have two parts (without compulsory). So Total 7 subjects examination will sit on. There are three types of courses are here according to Science, Arts, Commerce. The courses are BA BSS and BSc.  We will try to help you giving all subjects Suggestion.

If You have any Question about degree suggestion then comment us below. What kinds of suggestion do you need? Our Suggestion is made by the help of quality suggestion book like dikdorshon and Baticrom. Betikkrom and Dikdorson two are the most popular suggestion to the degree students in our country. So Follow our suggestion to get better result in the 3rd year examination.


Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2023

Final year Degree exams are not too late. The examination is knocking at the door. In Degree final year exam, English is the most important subject. This is compulsory subject for all types of degree students. All students in BA, BSS, BSC and other courses have to seat for English examination. Many of us think that English is the most difficult subject in degree.

Examination Name : Degree

Examination Year : 2020 (To be held 2023)

Suggestion for : English (compulsory)

Subject Marks : 80 (part A-10, part B-20, part C-50)

So Thinking all the reasons, We have decided to help the degree students providing a short English suggestion. Follow our suggestion so that you can do well in the degree final year English Examination. So let’s start

Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2023


  1. An intellectual is one……… to reveal to other.
  2. Money cannot buy…….. Happiness.
  3. A freedom fighter is………… on the world.
  4. Today women are playing important…….. Brings.
  5. Climate change is one…….. Our achievement.
  6. One fascinating benefit….. Through the university
  7. Today woman are playing important…. income.


Paragraph Writing

  1. Eve-teasing.
  2. Tree plantation.
  3. Price – Hike.
  4. Food Adulteration.
  5. Freedom fighters
  6. Mobile phone
  7. A Book Fair.
  8. Internet
  9. Dowry system
  10. Tree plantation
  11. Friendship
  12. A book fair
  13. A Street accident
  14. Earthquake


Report Writing

  1. Write a report for the press on the save the rivers, save the country.
  2. On the logging in a different part of Dhaka.
  3. And the anti-corruption seminar held in year college.
  4. On the blood donation program in your locality.
  5. A terrible dacoity has occurred in a jewelry shop in your town. Suppose you are the local correspondent of a national daily. Now make a report on it.


Essay Writing

  1. Patriotism
  2. Women power
  3. Unemployment problem in Bangladesh
  4. Students Duty
  5. World cup cricket
  6. Digital Bangladesh
  7. Liberation War
  8. Use and abuse Internet
  9. Freedom fighters
  10. Natural calamities in Bangladesh


Degree 3rd Year Final English Suggestion

Informal Letter Writing

  1. Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke.
  2. Your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company.
  3. Your find informing what you would like to do after your graduation.


Formal Letter:

NU Hons 2013, 2015, 2017. Degree 2015, 2014, 2013

Job Application Writing: 

  1. Write an application for the post of sales manager.
  2. Write an application with to the principle of a college for the post of a lecturer.
  3. An application writing to the director of an information technology company for the post of a system analyst.
  4. Write an application to the manager of a bank for the post of a junior officer.


Dialogue Writing

  1. Write a dialogue between a salesman and customer,
  2. Write a dialogue between two friends on watching an interesting TV Program.
  3. A dialogue writing between two friends on the necessary of multimedia classrooms.
  4. Write a dialogue between you and your father about your plan after the degree examination.


Poster Writing

  1. Acid Throwing
  2. Eve teasing
  3. Corruption
  4. Drug Addition
  5. Food Adulteration.


Advertisement Writing

Degree – 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016. Honors – 2012, 2014, 2016. 2018.

Degree 3rd year Sociology suggestion 2023

Sociology is the most common subject for degree students. It is very easy to read and memorize. One can do well in this subject if he or she take a little idea about this subject. There are 2 parts in degree 3rd year sociology subject. One is sociology 5th part and the another is sociology 6th part. Here we provide you all the two parts short suggestions of sociology. To get the suggestion just click the link below.


Degree 3rd year Psychology suggestion 2023

Psychology is a very interesting subject for degree students. It is very to do well in the third year psychology examination. In the examination psychology exam always to be held in two parts. One is psychology 5th part and the other is psychology 6th part. Here you can collect this suggestion of the 02 parts with answer sheet. To get this suggestion just click the link below.


Degree 3rd Year Geography Suggestion 2023

The subject is as relevant as ever to our daily lives. Geography students will learn about both human societies and the natural environment. Here we come to you with a short suggestion of degree geography students. This is the link for degree geography suggestion. just click for both two parts suggestion.



Degree 3rd year Social Work Suggestion 2023

Degree 3rd Year Social Work Suggestion 2023 exam 2021 is available here. Degree 3rd Year Social Work Suggestion 2023 Here we come to you with degree social work short suggestion for you. If you are a degree 3rd year exam candidate then this suggestion is for you. Read this suggestion attentively so that you can answer all the question. Here is your suggestions

Degree 3rd Year Social Work Suggestion 2023 (5th and 6th Part)