Ramadan Calendar 2023 Bangladesh PDF Download

Ramadan Calendar 2023 – Ramadan is the ninth month of Arabic Year and its a significant month for Muslim Ummah. Muslims wait year-round for this month Eagerly. Ramadan Calendar is a schedule with date and time for Muslims to observe the fast. Here we discuss about Ramadan Chart for the people living in Bangladesh. Further, we explain the importance and method of Holy Ramadan.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Bangladesh

We know that there are 12 months in Arabic Calendar. But the most important month of these is Ramadan. The Holy Month Ramadan is back again. Since we are Muslims. this month has a lot of significance for us. Islami Foundation Of Bangla has created a timetable for the month of Ramadan based on the moon View. So, i want to present the Ramadan Timetable for Bangladeshi.


First Day14 April, 2023
Last Day13 May, 2023
Eid Day14 May, 2023

Ramadan is an important month of Arabic Calendar. There are total 12 months in a Arabic year and Ramadan is one of them. Muslims mean it’s a blessed month for them. All Muslims are fasting the whole Ramadan. Fasting is also very beneficial for health. Fasting can be defined as stay hungry refrainment from eating.



Why Muslims Fasting in Ramadan

As fasting is an order from the almighty Allah. Every Muslims try to spend the month with great respect and honor for Allah. It’s a big opportunity for Muslims for spiritual attainment with God. Because of Ramadan the Muslims try to get the mercy of God by Fasting. Although its a difficult task fasting for a full month continuously, the Muslims do it happily.

Process of Fasting : To fast, one does not have to eat from Sehri to Iftar. The sehri is the time before sunrise and the iftar is the time of sunset. No food, even water can be taken during this whole time. Therefore they finished the fast by eating dates and water at iftar time. They observe the fast according to the schedule mentioned in the Ramadan calendar.

Finally, Wish you all the best having opportunity to celebrate this Ramadan. We hope this Ramadan brings happiness and peace to your life. And lastly thank you very much for reading this article and stay with us.